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Hello, my name is Joe
and I have a friend who works in a button factory.

Yeah, I'm a freak, but I do have a friend who makes buttons for a living. He is Geoff Letson, the guitar player and lead vocalist for No Results, the band I first played with and my main musical influence.

I played with the rock band No Results from when I was a senior in high school to college and we still do a few shows every now and again. We were a band from Holland NY, a suburb of Buffalo NY.

I played bass guitar and sang on a few tracks. That was a rockin' time. We recorded two albums while I was in the band "Second Chance" and "Freezing in Jamaica."

When I moved to college in Buffalo NY I started to expand my musical boundaries and gain new experiences from trying out new styles and playing in different bands and with different people. I played bass and acoustic guitar in a band called "Beautiful Music."

In this band we played R&B, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Rap, and Jazz.

This was in the inner city of Buffalo NY and we primarily played for the "Stop the Violence" tour throughout the Buffalo Public School district. This definitely broadened my musical boundaries.

Also in college I played acoustic guitar and bass guitar with friends up in an attic at 23 Hughes and sometimes we would have jam sessions in my room (also in the attic) at 25 Hughes in Buffalo. We were mainly a jam band and would play when we threw house parties. This helped me broaden my acoustic guitar skills, as well as with jamming Nick and Jason.

Jason and I mainly wrote weird songs about stuff we thought was funny. That was sweet, we still do it.

I then travelled around the USA in a 10 week road trip living out of a car with my friend Slim.

That was a sweet experience that definitely gave me ideas on writing lyrics and music.

After that I moved to Akron OH and that is where I am at now, working with the Americorps*VISTA program with the Red Cross.

Here I have worked very hard on my voice and my acoustic guitar playing skills and with much encouragement recorded an album titled Black Glasses.

While jammin' out with Judy, Lou, and Sam, I have compiled a decent amount of new material. I have played mainly open mics, smaller shows and actually did a small week tour with Slim again living out of the car to Buffalo, Ithaca, NYC, Rhode Island, and Boston.

After many good responses I figured I'd do something with this. So here I go, let's see how far I can get.

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